About Us

 A window to the world of Malayalis is what Oak Times is.  Skeptics may say this is what all others do. But, wait for a while, we wish to set a benchmark for contemporary journalism.

This channel is owned and run by five practitioners of journalism drawn from varied fields.  What is common in them is the zeal of the earnest journo who want to tell the tale unsullied by colour. The thrill of relating the truth is their reward. Our viewers and patrons are, therefore, assured of transparent journalism, a lively journalism.

Short, sweet, and succinct’ is  the style statement Oak Times. World is bubbling with life 24×7. We will try to be the eyes and ears of our viewers.

Wherever a blade of grass grows the Malayali is there. And OT knows too well that Malayalis are the most sentimental people. They love the past as much as their roots. Serving them all the worthwhile events that are there to know is our duty.

Credibility over speed is what we have committed ourselves to.