Oak Times Bureau September 12, 2018
Dear Ministers ,Please remember to live by example. You cannot demand respect , only can command. If you are sincere in your efforts to help the flood victims form the DMT.Disaster Management trust. I have the following members in mind. I Dr. E. Sreedharan, Dr. Sashi Tharoor,Lt. Gen. Retd) C. PSaratchand, Justice Kamalpasha,. Mr. Kurian CIAL CEO. There must be a team of young IAS officers like Rajamanikan,,.Sriram, Anupama, Vasuki, and a few more. No Govt. officials from the Secretariate including Secretar.ies Revenue.officials shall be included. The funds collected shall be fully transferred to the trust. With absolute authority these trustworthy people will be able to rebuild Kerala in the shortest possible time as I believe them to be men and women of integrity and disinterest. They have the brains and most of them except Mr.Tharoor don’t need our Votes. Even if we give
him votes or not he will live up to his reputation and work towards building strong foundations for a better place to live. Ministers don’t have to take long flights, with bowls to seek aid. Aid will pour in from everywhere to the trust as they are trustworthy. Regardless of political affiliations people are willing provided the people who are at the helm can reach out to the needy. Let us pray for good sense to prevail.
Prof.C Mohankumar
Secratary Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan
Thiruvananthapuram kendra

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